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Super cute Quinceanera goodies for your Party

I have dedicated some time to looking for some pretty amazing and super cute things you could use for your QuinceaƱera. Check them out!

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Quinceanera Crown with 15 number

I thought this one would look super cute for your Quinceanera crowning Ceremony, you know when your Padrinos or Parents crown you as the Queen – Princess of the night

Quinceanera Last Doll

This Teddy bear is the absolute cutest option I could find for your last Doll, they have different colors for the dress and it even comes with a crown!!!

Crystal Box for Gift Cards

Elegant alternative to having your gift cards all piled up on a table.

Personalized Jewelry Box

This box would look super cute for your ring or medal.

If you are doing this tradition, it’s a great option.

Quinceanera Cake Topper

If you want cute and simple cake decor, this cake topper is a great option.

It comes in different colors so you can personalize it.

Cake knife and server set

This is an important detail for your day. Don’t forget the knife to cut the cake!!!

Plus points, it’s elegant and cute

Champagne Flutes for Toast

Those glasses are so elegant!

They would look amazing during your toast, get one for each member of your court or just one set for you.

Unique Gestbook

I found those wooden blocks and I think they are an amazing alternative to a traditional guestbook. You can keep it on display and actually play with it!

Quinceanera Props for Photobooth

Those are props specifically made for Quinceaneras!

Super cute for your photobooth

15 Number Balloons

Because who doesn’t love props. You can use those balloons for your photo shoots, for the photo booth, as decoration. So many possibilities!

My Equipment and Softwate

If you are wondering what equipment I use to create all this content for you, check the recommendations.

Adobe Creative Cloud

I use Adobe software for everything in my work. From photo editing, to video editing and assets creation with Adobe Express.

Nikon 24-120 Lens

I use a full frame Nikon camera to shoot all my pictures and video footage.

This my favorite lens by far because is so flexible and not crazy heavy.

RODE Microphone

I mount this mic on top of my DSLR and it makes a huge, HUGE, difference when I am recording.

My audio improved tones since I started using it.


When editing videos, audio is super important. I found those super budget friendly earphones and I absolutely love them!

Bonus: They are wireless and wired!

SSD Hard Drive

I only use SSD hard drives now because they are way more reliable. This is the one I am using now.

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