Quinceanera getting ready at home

In this blog post I share with you the way we start the Quinces, with the Quinceanera getting ready at her home.

This will give you a good idea of how your pictures would look and I will also go through some of the important details that must be captured during this part of the day.


My name is Paloma, I am a Quinceanera photographer based in San Diego. Welcome to my blog where you are going to learn everything about a quinceanera and how to plan one. 


The Quinceanera day usually starts with the Quinceanera getting ready.

It’s important to mention that not all Quinceaneras get ready at home, some of them decide to get ready at a hotel or at the Venue where the party will be.

In this case I am sharing with you pictures of a Quinceanera getting ready at home.


The Quinceanera dress is a very important part of the day, usually the Quinceaneras put a lot of effort into selecting the perfect dress for the day and some of them can be really expensive.

This is one of the reasons why it’s extremely important to get pictures of the dress and include all the additional accessories and details of the day.

A pretty cute detail about a Quinceanera getting ready at home is that we get to see a little bit of what she likes because of her bedroom setups.

Who helps the Quinceanera to get ready at home

It’s a tradition to have mom help the Quinceanera to get dressed on this very special day.

Usually if more help is needed the Madrina, sisters or Damas can also jump in to help.

Benefits of having the Quinceanera getting ready at home

A huge benefit of having the Quinceanera getting ready at home is that she feels super comfortable because this is an extremely familiar environment.

The whole court, Damas and Chambelanes can meet at the Quinceanera’s place and take some pictures with the Quinceanera there.

Finally we can include pictures with the pets who are also important for the Quinceanera and that otherwise wouldn’t be in the pictures at all.

Quinceanera posing with her dog

You can see more examples of Quinceaneras getting ready at home in my Youtube Channel here is the link to the playlist.

We can also get some pictures of the Quincenaera on her own at her own place which makes pretty cute pictures for the album

I hope this post helped to you to get an idea of how it would be to get ready at home the day of your Quinceanera.

I recommend you to continue with your Quinceanera planning and research by reading this post about what you need to know before your Quinces.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Quinceanera!

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