Quinceanera pictures with Damas in Balboa Park

In this blog post I am going to show you how your pictures with your Damas in Balboa Park would look like.


My name is Paloma, I am a Quinceanera photographer based in San Diego. Welcome to my blog where you are going to learn everything about a quinceanera and how to plan one. 

I think it’s very important to mention that you can always do a Quinceanera photo shoot without doing a party or without having a big party.

This is one of my Quinceaneras who did exactly that. She had a more intimate celebration with her close family and friends and she did a full Quinceanera photo shoot with her Damas at Balboa Park.


Balboa Park, located in San Diego, California, is a true gem with its extraordinary combination of beautiful architecture and stunning gardens. They make a perfect background for pictures.

Quinceanera pictures with damas at balboa park

Taking your Quinceañera pictures with the damas brings an element of joy, friendship, and togetherness to this momentous occasion.

Quinceanera posing with her Damas at Balboa Park

The pictures reflect the bond and support shared between the quinceañera and her damas, showcasing their radiant smiles and genuine laughter.

Don’t forget to take a picture like this your Damas at Balboa Park!

Quinceanera and Damas laughing during the photo shoot at Balboa park

Posed in coordinated outfits, these photos capture the beauty and elegance of the group, creating lasting memories with your best friends!

Quinceanera posing with her Damas by the Lily pond in Balboa Park.

I have a video where you can see another Quinceanera photo shoot at Balboa Park with here Damas. Click here to watch it!


Of course we can’t forget about getting a couple of pictures of the Quinceanera by herself

The beautiful Quinceanera decided to wear a baby blue dress with flower details exuding a sweet and delicate charm on her special day.

The flower details carefully adorned on the dress, bring a touch of nature, and add a softness to the overall look.


I always tell my Quinceaneras that they are free to bring props to the photo shoot, I encourage them to include things that they enjoy.

In this case the Quinceanera loves playing soccer so she brought her soccer ball to include it in the pictures.

We included her Damas on course, because I wanted to show the super cute outfits so I just asked them to play for a little bit while I snapped some pictures.

Another super cool thing about this photo shoot was that one of the vendors selling aguas frescas offered to give the Quinceanera and the Damas some free agua fresca so they could stay hydrated on that super sunny day.

And a Quinceanera photo shoot is not complete without a couple of good closeups of the Quinceanera! And I also included the Quinceanera’s mom giving her a kiss

If you are planning your Quinceanera photo shoot I recommend you to read this blog post where I give you tips and recommendations for your Quinceancera pictures.

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