What to do if it rains the day of your Quinceanera

You need to know what do if it rains the day of your Quinceanera because you have been checking the weather and there is a chance of rain…


I’m gonna stop you right there, breathe with me and don’t worry because in this blog I’m going to give you some tips and recommendations on how you can prepare yourself and what you can do to still enjoy your Quinceanera day even if it rains.


My name is Paloma, I am a Quinceanera photographer. Welcome to my blog where you are going to learn everything about a quinceanera and how to plan one. 

Those tips are to help you be prepared because in this blog we like to prepare and we like to plan.

Get your coffee and let’s get started!

Recommendations on what to do if it rains the day of your Quinceanera

1st Recommendation for a rainy day

Plan ahead

The first recommendation will be to plan ahead of time. 

And this starts from the moment when you are looking for venues, if your Quinceanera happens to be during rain season wherever you live. 

Then try and look for venues that offer an indoor space. 

Indoor Hall for a Quinceanera Party

For example just last Saturday I photographed a Quinceanera at a venue that will be absolutely perfect if it’s going to rain on the day of the Quinceanera.

And it was perfect because we had super super light rain like all day long. Which is not really usual here in San Diego.

Anyways they have a fully covered parking structure where you park and then you go straight from there to the hall

They have beautiful glass doors at the entrance, it’s really pretty, it’s all glass so you still can look outside.

If your Quinceanera is not during rain season and you would like to have it outdoors.

We know whether its very unpredictable so try and look for places where they have actual floors. 

I think it’s kind of sort of like a trend right now, like a very rustic venue where there is either dirt or grass.

Because I have seen and I have photographed more and more quinceaneras like this.

Quinceanera posing outdoors with Chambelanes by Paloma Jacobo Photography

You can imagine if it rains it gets pretty messy.

And like I said, weather is unpredictable so if by any reason it rains on the Quinceanera day even though it’s not really supposed to, be prepared with tents.

Once again when you are looking for venues make sure that you can bring tents to this venue. Even if they don’t rent them themselves, make sure you can have another provider bringing them.

2nd Recommendation if it rains the day of your Quinceanera

Bring Umbrellas

Umbrellas are going to be so helpful if it rains on the day of your Quinceanera. 

For the Quinceanera I recommend you to get one of those big umbrellas so they can cover the whole dress.

Because you know those dresses are big dresses.

You can watch a short video of a Quinceanera on a rainy day, perfect example of the umbrellas use.

Also have umbrellas handy for your court, for your Damas and for your Chambelaes.

Those are going to be once again really useful.

You could even get the umbrellas in your Quinceanera colors or to match your keys in your theme.

3rd Recommendation for a rainy day Quinceanera

Have a backup plan location for your pictures

Ask your photographer for a backup plan if it’s raining for your photo shoot.

Chances are that you can do the ceremony indoors, you can do the reception indoors but in the great majority of Quinceaneras we do the photo shoot Outdoors.

If you had planned on doing your photo shoot Outdoors like at the beach or the park.

Ask your photographer for a backup plan.

Professional photographers usually do know a couple of locations where you could go if it rains. If you have a certain location in mind. 

For example, a restaurant. Call ahead of time make sure you have the permission to do it.  

Most places are okay with it.

4th Recommendation on what to do if it rains the day of your Quinceanera

Wear proper shoes

If it’s going to rain the floor is going to be slightly more slippery than usual usual.

Also if at any point you are going to be walking on grass.

We know high heels and grass are not precisely friendly. Even worse if it’s raining.

Maybe you can wear some cute tennis shoes instead. Check out this Quinceanera rocking tennis shoes the whole day!

Just something that it’s going to give you more of a grip on the wet floor.

Because, and this is  something that I have mentioned before. 

We can’t really see the shoes under the dress so it doesn’t really matter what shoes you wear.

I am going to  include in this part relying your Damas, let them help you.

Quinceanera posing with her Damas by Paloma Jacobo Photography

5th Recommendation for a Quinceanera on a rainy day

Bring a sweater

Usually rain comes with a slightly colder weather so be prepared to bring a sweater or some cute cover up.

And you can choose like a very cute sweater, a very cute coverall to match the color of your dress.

If you don’t want to have it during the pictures, you can take it off, take a picture and then put it on again.

Another recommendation here is to choose something that you can zip and unzip that it opens from the middle.

Quinceanera wearing a denim jacket o na cold day by San Diego Quinceanera photographer Paloma Jacobo

Not a hoodie because that is going to ruin your hair and your makeup.

Those are some recommendations on what to do if it rains on your Quinceanera day. 

Because we are not going to let the rain stop you from enjoying your Quinceanera!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Quinceanera!

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