Order Of Events for your Quinceanera Reception

Today’s blog post is all about the order of events for your Quinceanera Party. If you have been wondering What you should do?, What is the order of events? and How to make the best use of your time? Here I give you all the answers. Let’s get started

You can also watch the video version where I talk to you about the order of events for your Quinceanera reception.

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The first thing you will do in your Quinceanera party is your grand entrance. You walk in with your parents and/or Chambelanes and go around the dance floor and proceed to the main table.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

I recommend doing your entrance at least 30 minutes after the time the Hall opens to your guests, by doing this you will walk into the Hall and your family and friends will be there cheering for you.


Your guests will take their seats and you will have dinner with your Chambelanes or whoever is sitting wit you. Take this time to relax and eat something. Remember you will need your energy to party!

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo


I call this slideshow “Story of your life”, during this time the DJ will play the slideshow created with your baby pictures.

This is such a sweet moment to appreciate how far you have come and the people who have been around you, supporting you and loving you.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

Order of Events for Quinceanera Traditions – Protocol

The following part in the events at your Quinceanera reception are the Quinceanera traditions. Those are the real important moments of your Quinceanera, there is no specific order when it comes to: Crown, shoes and doll. You can organize this with your choreographer or event planner. We will start with the Quinceanera Crowning.

Quinceanera Crowning

At this moment your madrinas or parents will give you a beautiful crown, they will come to the front of the dance floor and do the official crowning.

Check out this Quinceanera crown!

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

Quinceanera change of shoes

Your parents or padrinos will change your shoes from flats or tennis shoes to high heels. This symbolizes your growth.

You don’t have to wear high heels if they are not your thing, you could change into a different kind of converse or vans. I am a huge fan of being comfortable during your party so don’t feel pressured to wear something you don’t like.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

Quinceanera Doll

Traditionally this is the part where your dad gives you your last doll or last toy. Once again to symbolize the change from little girl to woman.

I’ve seen Quinceaneras where the person giving the doll is a little cousin or a sibling. This option looks super cute!

Also, you don’t have to get the traditional doll that look creepy to some people. You can go with something else like a teddy bear or something that is really you. Check out this Teddy bear wearing a Quinceanera dress for your last doll!

For example, you like penguins get a cute plush penguin. This is your Quinceanera so make it yours!

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

Quinceanera Surprise Gift

This is a trend that I had seen recently, it is not part of the original traditions but if someone wants to give you a very special surprise gift go for it.

Quinceanera Father – Daughter Dance

Most beautiful moment of the whole Quinceanera party in my opinion. This is the moment when you will dance with your dad.

It is one of my favorite moments to photograph because you can really see the love in the whole Hall, from your grandparents to your tios, mom and of course your dad.

I grew up being a daddy’s girl and up to this day I cherish that moment with my dad. This is a moment you can’t miss.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

I know that life happens and you probably can’t dance with your dad on your Quinceanera, don’t let this ruin your party. Dance with your abuelito, padrino or even your mom. Remember this Quinceanera is about you!

Quinceanera Dance with abuelitos, tios and padrinos

This is the moment where you will dance with your family, including: abuelitos, tios, padrinos or family friends who are like tios to you.

If you have a long list I recommend taking this part into account when working on your Reception timeline, those valses can take up to 1 hour if you are dancing with a lot of people.

Quinceanera Vals

This is the main waltz, the one you have been practicing for months with your Damas and Chambelanes . It is one of the main traditions of a Quinceanera Party.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

Quinceanera Speeches and Toast

Usually your parents and padrinos will have a short speech prepared and even the Quinceanera can say something too. It is the moment to thank your guests for celebrating with you and your parents for all the support and love and for throwing this amazing party for you.

Check out this set of elegant and cute glasses for your toast.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

Cake cutting

I recommend cutting your cake before the surprise dance so you don’t have to rush to put your dress back on after you changed your outfit for the surprise dance.

It is a good idea to play “Las Mañanitas” or “Happy Birthday” and use this time to get some pictures with your parents and you cutting the cake.

I usually ask the Quinceanera’s mom and dad to give a piece of cake to the Quinceanera or the Quinceanera could even do the traditional “mordida”.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

Check out this cake knife and server set for your Quinceanera.

Surprise Dance

This is the real fun dance, you can have a mix of different songs and different styles. You will change into a different outfit and this will officially get the party started.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo


Go out there and dance! This is the part where all your guests join you in the dance floor and party with you.

San Diego Quinceanera Photography by Paloma Jacobo

The most important tip: Enjoy your Quinceanera Day! Don’t worry if things don’t go exactly as planned, have fun!

I hope you liked this Quinceanera blog post,  if you found it helpful please let me know in the comments!

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If you need help creating a timeline for the whole day, click here to watch the video.

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